Carry Bag for 8x8 Backdrop

Carry Bag for 5x8 / 8x8 Backdrop

Lightweight canvas carry bag for storage and local travel. Holds up to 2 5x8 format or 1 8x8 format Shows To Go Backdrop.

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A lightweight canvas carry bag that holds one 8x8 backdrop frame or two 5x8 backdrop frames, PLUS blackout liner, and curtains. It is the same bag that is included with every new backdrop system.

This lightweight bag is recommended for protecting your backdrop during storage, and for transporting in a car only. This bag does not offer protection for air travel or rough ground transport.

The zipper runs across the top and down both ends to make it easy to pack the backdrop system into the bag.

Two handles and padded handle wrap for easy carrying.

Data sheet
36in x 11in x 9in
2lbs / .9kg

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