Use Pinterest To Help With Your Custom Backdrop Design

If you are getting ready to design a custom backdrop or display, the popular social site, Pinterest, can be a very useful tool to help you collect ideas and inspiration. Pinterest allows you to save (“pin”) web sites and images that interest you. The pins are then displayed as images in boards in your account. It is like a digital bulletin board.

You can not only collect ideas for your own use, but you can also share your board with your graphic designer to help guide them in the design process. It is a whole lot better than trying to describe what you are looking for over the phone or email.

Here are suggestions from our Shows To Go Backdrops senior designer to :

  • Create a new Pinterest board for your project to allow you to keep all your inspiration in one place.  

  • Think outside your project. When collecting ideas, don’t limit your search to just backdrops (although there are plenty of backdrop designs to browse at the Shows To Go Backdrops Pinterest Page). Design inspiration can be all around you. Illustrations, t-shirt designs, advertisements and more can all end up being sources for inspiration. If you see a color you like…Pin it! If you see a font you like… Pin It!

  • In addition to pinning images and website links you can also upload images from your computer and phone (thanks to a handy mobile app). This way if you anytime you see an idea you might want to incorporate into your design, you can capture it with a photo.

  • Stock image sites such as Shutterstock are a great place to search for professional quality graphics and photos to incorporate into your design. A search for almost any keyword or phrase will likely yield hundreds of image suggestions. Pin the ones that you like and they will be easy to find again later when you are ready to purchase the images you decide on. (Hint: If you plan on using stock images in your design, files that are available in “Vector” format give the best quality image when printing in a large format.

  • Share your Pin Board with other members of your project team, and allow them to add to the board if they find anything of interest. It never hurts to have a fresh set of eyes giving input on a project.

Be sure to follow Shows To Go Backdrops on Pinterest to see backdrop design inspiration from our custom projects and creative images discovered by our staff.