One of our most popular products at Shows To Go Backdrops has consistently been our pre-designed portable theater backdrops in our Showbiz Series. These backdrops feature designs that mimic theatrical curtains and modern stage sets, and have been popular with magicians, comedy clubs, dance groups, and variety entertainers for years.

Many customers, however, have expressed interest in more detailed stage scenery that they can use for their touring shows, school plays, and backgrounds for marketing events. Based on these requests, we have launched our new “Scenic Series” of portable backdrop designs.

The Scenic Series will feature detailed background scenes of a variety of environments created in a mixture of illustrated, cartoon, and photorealistic styles.  Soon you will be able to instantly transform any space into a western set, tropical beach, wizard’s library, and more, without having to pay a graphic designer to create custom artwork.

We have added a few initial designs to our Scenic Series catalog, and our designers are busy finalizing more designs to add to the site soon. If you have a suggestion for a specific theme or style background that you would like to see, please let us know and we add it to our list for future consideration.

Backdrops from the Scenic Series will also be included as part of our rental program that will be launching soon.