Mobile Stage Set Design For Kids Show – Flexibility Meets Fun

One of the favorite games here in our Michigan office is to imagine how our creative customers will put their new backdrops to use. It is easy to let your mind wander when you open a customer’s artwork file for a new scenic stage set and see images of fantasy forests, magic theaters, train cars and more. Heck, even a simple step-and-repeat design with a company logo can immediately invoke images of flashing cameras on a red carpet, exciting press announcements, or endless smiling selfies.

Sometimes customers are kind enough to share photos of their backdrops in action at their shows and events. Our staff always gets excited when these photos come in. We put a lot of energy and time into every custom product we produce, so it is almost like getting a photo update from a kid you sent off to college. “Hey did you see the pic of the project we did for….” is a typical conversation starter with our office staff and production team.

Occasionally, we will work on an exciting project and months later someone will say “I wonder what ever happened with that”. That was the case this morning when someone here randomly asked about a project we shipped back in 2017. It was a unique, colorful free-standing stage set that we printed on our 12’x10’ and 2 8’x10’ portable backdrops. Together, the three different sections form a fun, freestanding façade of a street and a park for “Mitzvah Boulevard Live.”

Multiple Portable Backdrops Provide Flexible Stage Set Up

The project stood out for us in a few ways. First, the artwork is very well done. The scale of the graphics is appropriate for the size of the show and the number of characters on stage. The backdrop graphics include bold lines and a bright color scheme. The artist had worked fun detail into the scenic design, without being overwhelming for the audience. Secondly, it physically stands out, as the entire set stands 28 feet wide and 10 feet tall. The three different sections provide the show with the flexibility to arrange the backdrop sections to fit various venue sizes. They can even create stage "wings" in spaces with limited or no backstage space.

"Mitzvah Boulevard Live" Backdrops In Action

So, we did a little online investigating, that we must admit felt a teeny bit like stalking an “ex”. We were thrilled to find a YouTube video for “Mitzvah Boulevard Live”, which showed our backdrops framing an amazing and energetic live show. Mitzvah Boulevard Live is a live stage show from the popular “Mitzvah Boulevard” video series, which teaches Torah and Jewish values in a way that kids understand and enjoy. “Mitzvah Boulevard Live” plays many different venues, so it was very cool to see how quickly the Shows To Go Backdrops’ mobile backdrop system helps the stage transform into the world of “Mitzvah Boulevard.”

If you would like to learn more about "Mitzvah Boulevard Live", and the see their colorful and fun stage set design in action, you can visit the official "Mitzvah Boulevard Live" website or watch the show preview video on YouTube. 

Mitzvah Boulevard Preview - Opens In YouTube
Note video will open directly in YouTube

If you have a photo or video of your Shows To Go Backdrops product in action, we would love to see it. You can post it to our Facebook page, tag us on Instagram, or email it to us.

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