It's Time To Upgrade To A Better Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

Five months into the Covid-19 pandemic, it is still a bit surprising to walk into a large national retail store or busy building and see how makeshift and “thrown together” their hand sanitizer stations look. Often, there are just a few bottles of sanitizer on a folding table, with a printed sign asking you to “please sanitize.”  If there is a sanitizer dispenser on a stand, it is usually small and easy to miss “dispenser on a stick.”

The problem with easy to miss and unprofessional-looking sanitizing displays is that they don’t encourage people to do what businesses want them to do – sanitize their hands before entering the store, restaurant, school, etc. 

A Hand Sanitizer Station That People Will Actually Use

We wanted to help businesses encourage guests and employees to sanitize their hands frequently with a sanitizer stand that is bold, professional, and shows that the business is serious about helping to create a clean and healthy environment in their building. Additionally, we wanted to provide businesses a way to customize the graphics to tie directly into their branding. After all, we have helped customers create custom backdrops and displays since 2005, so customization is kind of our thing.

Luckily we have had some time on our hands to come up with the customizable hand sanitizer stand that we would want to use in stores. (Okay, it was a LOT of time on our hands; the need for backdrops for live shows and events has admittedly taken a downturn since March 2020).

So, we are pleased to announce a new line of customizable hand sanitizer stands that are big (up to 6.5ft high), bold (full-color printing on both sides), and easy to use (quality hands-free dispenser). The stands are available in 2 sizes – standard = 2ft wide x 6ft high and extra-large = 2.5ft wide x 6.5ft wide.  They have a sleek, professional look and a durable aluminum frame designed to hold up in any busy commercial space.

Front and Back Printing - Store Sanitizer Station

An Opportunity To Set A Positive First Impression

Let’s talk about branding and customization for a minute. The standard stand gives you 12 square feet of signage on BOTH sides. That’s tons of space for logos, social distancing reminders, and more. So far, we have created stands with school mascots reminding students about safety expectations, Legos dressed as hot dogs asking guests to sanitize before eating. This September, we have been busy producing a series of stands for the holiday shopping season that feature fun graphics of Santa and his elves reminding shoppers to make the holiday shopping season jolly and safe. Keeping the stands bright, bold, and with a touch of whimsy is a perfect way to help ease tension and set the mood for a positive experience in a store or business. In short, these stands provide an inexpensive and unique way to create a great first impression as people visit your store, church, mall or school.

A pro tip from our graphic design team is to use the back of the stand as a “photo opp” display. A fun photo background or printing a logo in a red carpet “step and repeat” pattern will allow your hand dispenser stand to serve as a place for guests to take selfies and give your location some social media love. If you need help with artwork ideas, we offer a flat rate artwork design service that includes coming up with several creative concepts, you can also find plenty of inspiration and beautiful stock artwork to purchase from Shutterstock.

Hands-Free and Mess-Free Automatic Dispenser

You probably recall we also wanted our dispenser stand to be easy to use. We include an automatic hands-free dispenser that uses are large tank to hold the sanitizer. The refill port is large and the tank can be refilled without removing it from the machine. Any liquid sanitizer can be used, so there are no expensive refill bags or specialized soap to buy. The unit is battery operated, so you can position it anywhere. It runs on 4 “C” batteries that will last for weeks, even in the busiest locations.

Finally, the best feature of our dispenser is that it distributes the sanitizer in a clean mist spray that can be easily and quickly rubbed into the hands. Customers will appreciate not having to bother with gooey gels or runny squirt bottles that leave a puddle in their hand and then usually on your floor as well.

Hands-free and mess-free automatic sanitizer dispenser

Change Graphics or Rebrand Your Stand At Any Time

The graphic covers of the stand can be changed easily, and you can purchase replacement covers through us at any time. The ability to quickly change the look of the display opens up the opportunity to switch graphics seasonally or to create unique fabric covers to coordinate with promotions or events. Additional custom printed fabric covers start at just $145, which makes it a very affordable marketing and promotion tool for any business.

Now Available For Ordering - No Minimums

Custom hand sanitizer stands are now available to order through There is no minimum quantity to purchase a custom hand sanitizer dispenser stand (ok, the minimum is 1). We are happy to work volume discounts for school districts, malls, and other businesses ready to upgrade their sanitizing stations to create a better first impression. We are already beginning to ship customized sanitizer stands with holiday graphics for the upcoming holiday season. If you will be needing stands for November and December, please plan ahead and allow at least 2 weeks' lead time as our production schedule will continue to fillup as we inch closer to Thanksgiving.

We hope that the Covid-19 pandemic ends quickly, but there is no doubt that the emphasis on public health and helping to prevent the spread of germs is something that will be on the public’s mind for years as they go into stores, restaurants, and schools. 

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