What To Do When You Can’t Sign For A FedEx Package In Person

Most shipments from Shows To Go Backdrops require a signature for delivery. Signatures are a requirement from FedEx for any package valued at $500 or more. Many times customers ask us to "waive" or remove the signature requirement. Unfortunately, FedEx does not allow the sender to “waive” the signature requirement for high-value items. Luckily FedEx has many options for people who won't be able to accept a "signature required" shipment in person, including signing for the package in advance online or through the FedEx app.

But first...

Don't Sign In Advance If You Don't Have To

At our office, we regularly get calls from customers who are in "panic mode" because FedEx tracking said "delivered," but they have not been notified by anyone in their receiving department. Even worse, sometimes customers will have their order dropshipped to a hotel or event venue, and they can't find any employee that knows anything about it. 

If a packaged is delivered to a building with a required signature, you will be able to see the name of the person who received the delivery and at what time. This information is available to you when you track your package through FedEx online or the FedEx app, and it shows "DELIVERED".

A name and time of delivery are usually all that is need to locate your missing shipment in a hotel, large office or exhibition center. 

See what time your package was delivered, and who signed for it

FedEx Allows Customers To Manage Deliveries Of "Signature Required" Shipments

If you want to avoid the FedEx “sorry we missed you” door tag, there are several things you can do while your package is still in transit. To take advantage of these options, you will need to sign-up for FedEx Delivery Manager Online or through the Fedex app. Sign-up is easy and free.

Not all Delivery Manager options are always available for every shipment. Delivery options vary by location, how close to the delivery date you are making the delivery update.

The three most convenient options are: signing remotely (in advance), holding the package at a FedEx location, and changing the delivery address. Many services are free, but FedEx does charge a fee for some of the Delivery Manager options. There are also a few options for those who don't want to sign up for another online account, or download yet another app to their phone - we will get to those a little later on in this article.

Sign For Your FedEx Delivery Remotely (Online or Via App)

For many shipments, FedEx will allow you to sign for your package ahead of time online. Signing for a package in advance is a fast and simple solution to the “I won’t be home to sign for my package” dilemma. (Remember, you must be signed up for FedEx delivery manager online or on the FedEx app to take advantage of Delivery Manager options)

Once you are logged in, the process is simple. While you are logged in, enter your tracking number. You will see the current package status. There will be an option to "manage your delivery," and you will be able to see the options available to you. To "sign" for your package through FedEx.com, all you need to do is enter your name and email address in the spaces provided. You will be sent an email confirmation from FedEx.

If you are unable to click the Sign for Package option (it will be grey), this option is not available for your shipment. Check the options that are available to you, and choose the one that best fits your needs. 

Hold At Location

You can instruct FedEx to hold your package at local FedEx Office, FedEx Distribution Center, and even Walgreens for you to pick-up. To have a package held at a location, select “Hold at Location” to see choices for hold locations near you.

Change Delivery Address

Another option is to change the delivery address. The process is simple through the app and your Delivery Manager account. Click “Deliver To Another Address” and enter the new address information.

Changing the delivery address can be convenient, but it will usually cause delays to your package. The delays in your shipment will depend on how far away your new address is from the original address. If they are close together, delays will be minimal. If the new address is in another state, it could add several days to your delivery time.

FedEx charges the customer a small fee for this service. As of August 2018, the cost of a delivery address change starts at $5.25.

FedEx Delivery Change

The Low Tech Pen and Paper Approach

If you know a FedEx package is coming that requires a signature, you can usually just leave a note for the delivery driver given permission to leave the package. The note must reference the tracking number, delivery address, and name and signature of the person signing. Your cell phone number is also a good idea.

Something like this works fine:

DATE: (Date of Delivery)


I give permission for FedEx to leave this shipment at my front porch.


Your Name
Cell Number

If you are really in a hurry, we created a template for the note to leave for FedEx to sign for a package. (Link Opens PDF) Print. Fill-In and Done. 

Printable FedEx Signature Release Form

You may want to call FedEx and have them note in the delivery information that you will be leaving a signed release. FedEx customer service: (800)463-3339.

Your delivery should be waiting for you when you return. "And that's why you always leave a note!" - George Bluth, Sr.

If You Can Spare An Extra Day - Sign The Door Tag

If you have not signed in advance or made other delivery arrangements, FedEx will attempt the delivery as usual. If nobody is available to sign for the package, they will leave a door tag saying that they attempted delivery. FedEx will try to deliver your package again – usually the next day. To make sure you don’t miss the redelivery attempt, sign your door tag in the spot indicated, and stick it back where the FedEx driver left it. Your backdrop package should be waiting for you after the next delivery attempt.

Sign your FedEx Door Tag to get delivery the next day

Additional information about managing your FedEx delivery can be found at FedEx.com or by calling the FedEx customer service line at (800)463-3339.

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