Custom Backdrop Artwork Services

Custom Artwork Services

Need artwork for your backdrop or banner? We can help! We have a team of talented artists and illustrators who specialize in designs for large format printing and can turn your concepts into reality. Typical pricing for custom artwork is shown below. Fees vary depending on complexity of artwork, and the size of the final design. Please contact us with details about your project for a more accurate quote.

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Design Type #1

Customize Stock Backdrop Designs / Simple Artwork

We can modify or combine elements of our stock backdrop designs with your logo, text or other stock art elements to create a customized look.

Rosco  DougKing

Artwork Fees For This Type of Design Start at $99

Design Type #2

Custom Line Drawing Illustrations

A completely custom, full color illustration from your ideas and concepts. This illustration style feature clean bold lines and images. They can be in a "cartoon" style, or a more straight forward illustration style.

Cityscape  agrimagic

Artwork Fees For This Type of Design Start at $275

Design Type #3

Specialized Styles / Photorealistic Designs

forest  library case

Artwork Fees Start at $350

Low-Cost Custom Option

Choose A High Quality Stock Art Design From Shutterstock

You can choose virutally any high quality stock art image from the web site Shutterstock, and we can turn it into a backdrop. You can search over 2,000,000 images by keyword to find just the right design. For best print quality, limit your searches to "VECTOR" or "ILLUSTRATIONS". Only choose a design that is already in a format that is similar to your final printed format (square or rectangle).

When you have your design selected, send us the link or image id number. Our fee includes the cost for us to purchase the artwork and prepare a final file to meet our print specs.

Note: Purchasing high quality stock art from services such as Shutterstock are the only places where we recommending getting stock artwork. Artwork saved off Google or a regular web site will not be large enough or of the quality needed to produce good results.

burst  park

Flat Fee of $49

How The Custom Artwork Process Works

  1. Contact us with details about your project to receive a final quote.

  2. Once you approve your quote, an invoice for payment will be sent to you. Artwork fees must be paid in full prior to work beginning.

  3. The artist will be in touch with you directly to get as much detail as they can about your design. Things your artist will want to know:

    • A overview of what you are looking for in the design
    • A description of how and where the backdrop will be mostly used
    • Details of any items you want included in the design (and anything you absolutely don't want)
    • Color preferences, if any
    • Examples of any fonts you want them to use.
    • Logo or graphic files that you want included in the design
    • If you have sample images or rough sketches that help convey your idea, that is always helpful.
    • The more detail you provide, the closer the artist can get to realizing your vision

  4. You will receive a rough sketch, concept for you to provide changes and feedback. If changes are needed, the artist will submit another draft for approval.

  5. Once the final concept is approved, the artist will create the artwork to fit your project specs.

  6. The entire process usually takes 7-14 days, depending on the complexity of your design and how many changes and revisions the artwork must go through. To keep the process moving along, it is important to try and respond to requests / concept feedback from the artist as soon as possible.