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Custom ROAD SHOW Portable Stage Backdrop System

The Road Show portable backdrop system provides unlimited backdrop configurations (up to 30 feet wide!) by putting your custom printed design on 3 separate 10x8 backdrop curtain / frame sets.

Price Includes:

  • 3 Custom Printed 10x8 Fabric Curtains
  • 3 10x8 Backdrop Frames
  • Detachable Blackout Liner
  • Lightweight Carry Bags
$2,260.00 $2,610.00 - $350.00
Tax excluded
 Standard Production Time

If you want the ability to have a modular custom display that can be arranged to fit in any size or shape venue, then the "Road Show System" is the backdrop solution you have been looking for. Your custom printed deigns covers 3 separate 10x8 size backdrops. They can be lined up end to end to create a large 30 foot wide backdrop, offset to create entrance and exit points around the center backdrop, or angled in to block out side angles and take total control over your performance environment.

Each 10x8 is a complete portable backdrop set includes a folding aluminum frame, custom printed curtain, blackout liner and a carry bag. It is literally everything you will need to set-up a showstopping display anywhere. The entire Road Show System can be set-up and ready to go by a single person in less than 10 minutes! Packing it down is just as easy. When you are done, your whole stage set will fit in the backseat of a car.

Spanning your background design across 3 10x8 curtains, gives you the flexibility to use all three together for large spaces, or just one or two backdrops for smaller spaces. Whatever the size venue, you will always have a display that will look impressive. See the product photos for examples of configurations, as well as images of Road Show Systems we have created in the past.

Once you own the Road Show System, you also have the flexibility to change designs at anytime by purchasing additional 10x8 fabric curtains. It is an affordable way to completely change the look of your event or show. No need to buy new frames or displays. 

Road Show Backdrop System Highlights:

  • Self-contained set-up
  • Modular design for flexible configurations
  • All 3 backdrops span a total of 30ft 
  • Each backdrop weighs only 20 lbs
  • Backdrops can be used individually, or as a set
  • Set up the ENTIRE SYSTEM in 10 minutes
  • Detachable blackout liner for back lighting issues
  • Easy to change curtain designs (purchase new curtains without having to purchase a new frame)
  • Save over $500 vs purchasing 3 individual 10ft backdrop displays

Road Show System Includes:

  • 3 - Custom Backdrop Curtains. 
  • 3 - 10x8 Portable Backdrop Frames 
  • 3 - Detatchable Blackout Liners
  • 3 - Lightweight Carry Bags. (Upgrade to hard sided case available for additional cost)

Custom Artwork Set-Up

  • There are no artwork set-up fees when you provide artwork files that are to our artwork guidelines
  • Download sizing guides on our template page.
  • Need artwork? Our team of designers are experts at creating artwork for large format displays. They can also provide graphic design suggestions that will allow you to get the most of the flexible features of the Road Show set. 




Data sheet
Custom Printing
61lbs / 27.2kg (Total weight of entire Road Show System)

Artwork Templates For 10x8 Portable Backdrop

Use the artwork guidelines and templates below to make sure your art files meet our requirements. Submitting artwork that is designed for our templates will avoid delays in production (and make our production team dance with joy).


10x8 Standard Frame
10x8 Heavyweight Frame

The Basics

  1. We Print In CMYK color
  2. We Accept .JPG, .PDF, .AI, .PSD,  .TIF files
  3. Vector artwork is best, when possible.
  4. The graphic should be a minimum of 72dpi at full print size
  5. We will send a proof for approval once we review your submitted files  

Need Artwork Assistance? 

If you need artwork assistance our friendly design team is here to help. After you place your order, email our art department with the details of our design (please include any logo files, graphics, background images, etc). We will work with you to make sure your final design will look great on your product.

There is no charge for basic artwork set-up. Examples of basic artwork set-up include: Adding logos to a background, formatting an image file from stock art sites like Shutterstock, or setting up a step and repeat pattern. Artwork fees may apply to designs created from scratch (ie: you don't provide any files for us to work with), custom illustrations, or files that require significant editing.

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