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"Brick Wall Spotlight" Road Show System

The "Brick Wall Spotlight" Road Show System provides a portable theatre enviroment with unlimited backdrop configurations (up to 30 feet wide!) by spanning the design over 3 separate 10x8 backdrop sets.

Price Includes:

  • 3 Custom Printed 10x8 Fabric Curtains
  • 3 10x8 Backdrop Frames
  • Detachable Blackout Liner
  • Lightweight Carry Bags
$2,260.00 $2,610.00 - $350.00
Tax excluded
 Standard Production Time

The "Brick Wall Spotlight" Road Show Portable Backdrop Sytem allows touring entertainers to take control of their performance environment by creating an instant comedy club / improv theatre style stage anywhere. It is a backdrop system that give you total flexibility to present the best possible show and create a professional impression on your audience.

This ultimate set includes 3 8x10 format Shows To Go Backdrops that can be set-up and arranged in unlimited confirgurations (from 10ft to 30ft wide) to create an ideal performance space in any size venue. It is the last backdrop system you will ever have to buy.

Utilizing Shows To Go Backdrops' innovative quick expanding backdrop frames, the entire Road Show Backdrop System takes one person less than 10 minutes to set-up. Everything is self-contained on the backdrop frame, and no tools are needed to set-up or take down the display. When you are done, your entire theater packs into 3 10"x10"34" canvas bags that take up less space that just one tripod style backdrop.

The included blackout liners will block out shadows in situations where you have strong backlighting or daylight set-ups.

The brick wall spotlight graphics are designed to look great as a complete set (all three backdrops set-up), a pair, or used individually in smaller performance spaces. Whether your performance itinerary includes theater stages, comedy clubs, banquet hall, cruise ships, trade show floors, schools, libraries, or your neighbor's living room, the Road Show Backdrop System will be there to help make you a star.

Portable Backdrop Features

Features For The Serious Entertainment Professional

  • Curtains printed with high resolution printing
  • Self-contained set-up
  • Modular design for flexible configurations
  • All 3 backdrops span a total of 30ft 
  • Each backdrop weighs only 20 lbs
  • Backdrops can be used individually, or as a set
  • Set up the ENTIRE SYSTEM in 10 minutes
  • Detachable blackout liner for back lighting issues
  • Easy to change curtain designs (purchase new curtains without having to purchase a new frame)
  • Save over $500 vs purchasing 3 individual 10ft backdrop displays

"Brick Wall Spotlight" Set Includes:

  • 3 - Curtains with complete Brick Wall Spotlight Design (Center + 2 Sides) 
  • 3 - 10x8 Portable Backdrop Frames (see exact frame specs)
  • 3 - Detatchable Blackout Liners
  • 3 - Lightweight Carry Bags. (Upgrade to hard sided case available for additional cost)

Personalize Your Background

  • For a minimal cost, we can add your logo or graphics to the side or center panels of the Road Show Set. Great for use in portable theaters / comedy clubs. 
  • Contact us for personalization information.
  • Fully custom Road Show Systems are also available. 


Brick wall backgrounds are also available in individual portable backdrops in sizes from 8x8 to 17x8

Data sheet
Stock Design
60lbs / 27.2 Total weight of entire Road Show System)

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