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"Brick Wall" Portable Show Backdrop

An incredibly realistic "Brick Wall" backdrop that is perfect for comedy events, entertainers, and stage set design. Lightweight and portable frame allows you set up a large brick wall anywhere. 

Available in the following sizes: 8x8, 10x8, 12x8, 14x8, 17x8, 10x10

Backdrop System Includes:

  • Realistic "Brick Wall" Curtain
  • Collapsible Backdrop Frame
  • Blackout Liner
  • Carry Bag
$775.00 $795.00 - $20.00
Tax excluded
 Standard Production Time

Imagine having an 8ft, 12ft or even 17ft wide brick wall you can literally carry with you in a bag and set-up anywhere. The "Brick Wall" portable backdrop gives you the ability to do just that. Featuring a finely detailed photorealistic image, this design looks like a real brick wall, even close-up. The brick curtain wraps around the side of the backdrop frame, to complete the illusion of a solid, free-standing wall. The iconic brick wall look is ideal for comedy entertainers, comedy night performances, stage sets, and even as room dividers and temporary room decor.

The "Brick Wall" portable backdrop system is completely self-contained that allows you to have an instant show backdrop in any indoor venue. The set includes the printed fabric backdrop curtain, expanding backdrop frame, and a detachable polyester blackout liner to help prevent shadows in situations where there is bright light behind the backdrop. 

8 Foot to 14 Foot brick walls can be set-up by one person in about 2 minutes without tools or parts to assemble. The 17ft and 10ft x 10ft backdrops take a minute or two longer to set-up by yourself, but the results are worth the minimal time investment. 

The portable backdrop set includes our standard backdrop frame, which is the lightest and most compact fabric popup display frame available. The structure of the expanding frame is anodized aluminum that has been powder coated black for a professional finish in theatrical and venue applications. (An upgrade to a heavyweight frame is also available for select sizes.) 

This design is available in 6 different sizes. Multiple units can be combined to create an endless variety of set-up configurations. Note:  If you already own a Shows To Go Backdrop frame, you can just purchase a brick wall curtain only. Just select "curtain only" under frame type. 

Your portable brick wall will be printed on our professional poly-blend theatrical fabric. It is durable material that is in scenic design in some of the world's top touring shows, entertainment venues, and tourist attractions. The full color, dye sublimation printing provides the best color reproduction and high resolution images available in the fabric printing industry. The printing is waterproof, fade resistant, and any wrinkles quickly fall out of the fabric, so your display always looks the best. The material has a matte finish, so the brick wall makes a great backdrop for photos.

The "Brick Wall" design is part of the Showbiz Series, and Scenic Series of backdrops for entertainers, theatrical productions, venues, and events.



6 Brick Wall Sizes Available

  • 8x8
  • 10x8
  • 12x8
  • 14x8
  • 17x8
  • 10x10


A Complete Portable Backdrop Set

  • Printed "Brick Wall" Fabric Backdrop Curtain
  • Expanding Backdrop Frame 
  • Detachable Blackout Liner
  • Lightweight Carry Bag (Case upgrades available)
  • Set-up Instructions

Change Designs At Any Time With Additional Curtains

One of the advantages of owning a standard portable backdrop frame from Shows To Go Backdrops is that you can switch backdrop curtains easily at any time. This allows you to purchase additional curtains from our Showbiz Series or Scenic Series  and instantly change the look of your show or event without every having to purchase another backdrop. To order an additional curtain, just select your size and under "Frame Type", select "Curtain Only". (Custom curtains are also available)

Personalize This Design With Your Logo

If you want a more personalized look, our creative design team can work with you add your logo or text to the brick wall design. Many clients will have us add a show name, website, twitter handle, or other information in a "graffiti" style on the wall. This is turns your backdrop into a huge marketing display - perfect for photos.  Pricing for basic customization starts at $39. Contact our art department for more information.

Data sheet
Stock Design
Set-Up Size (WxHxD) - 10x8
(Standard Frame) 9.9ft x 7.6ft x .75ft / 296cm x 223cm x 23cm ; (Heavyweight Frame) 9.9ft x 7.6ft x 1ft / 296cm x 223cm x 30cm
Set-Up Size (WxHxD) - 8x8
(Standard Frame) 7.6ft. x 7.6ft x .75ft / 225cm x 223cm x 23cm ; (Heavyweight Frame) 7.6ft x 7.6ft x 1ft ; 225cm x 223cm x 30cm
Set-Up Size (WxHxD) - 12x8
(Standard Frame) 12.1ft. x 7.6ft x .75ft / 396cm x 223cm x 23cm ; (Heavyweight Frame) 12.1ft x 7.6ft x 1ft ; 396cm x 223cm x 30cm
Set-Up Size (WxHxD) - 14x8
(Standard Frame) 14.5ft. x 7.6ft x .75ft / 442cm x 223cm x 23cm ; (Heavyweight Frame) 14.5ft x 7.6ft x 1ft ; 442cm x 223cm x 30cm
Set-Up Size (WxHxD) - 17x8
(Standard Frame) 16.9ft. x 7.6ft x .75ft / 515cm x 223cm x 23cm
Set-Up Size (WxHxD) - 10x10
(Standard Frame) 9.9ft. x 9.9ft x .75ft / 296cm x 296cm x 23cm ; (Heavyweight Frame) 9.9ft x 9.9ft x 1ft ; 296cm x 296cm x 30cm
Weight - 8x8
(Standard Frame) 19lbs / 8.6kg ; (Heavyweight Frame) 24lbs / 10.8kg
Weight - 10x8, 8x10
(Standard Frame) 24lbs / 10.8kg ; (Heavyweight Frame) 30lbs / 14kg
Weight - 12x8
(Standard Frame) 26lbs / 11.7kg ; (Heavyweight Frame) 32lbs / 14.5kg
Weight - 14x8
(Standard Frame) 32lbs / 14.5kg ; (Heavyweight Frame) 38lbs / 17.2kg
Weight - 17x8
(Standard Frame) 36lbs / 16kg
Weight - 10x10
(Standard Frame) 32lbs / 14.6kg ; (Heavyweight Frame) 42lbs / 19.5kg

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