"Wizard Potter" Magic Backdrop

The "Wizard Potter" Backdrop design provides the perfect background to set the scene for a magical adventure.

Available in the following sizes: 8x8, 10x8, 10x10

Backdrop System Includes:

  • Printed "Wizard Potter" Backdrop
  • Folding Backdrop Frame
  • Blackout Liner
  • Carry Bag
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 Standard Production Time

A backdrop that looks straight out of a world of wizards and magic. The "Wizard Potter" backdrop is inspired by popular young adult books and movies. A wizard hat and stars sits on top of old magic books and in front of an aged background that helps set the scene for your performance. 

The complete backdrop system includes an aluminum frame, full color curtain, and a carry bag. It sets up in under two minutes and takes up a minimal amount of floor space, because there are no tripods or other external bracing.. 

"Wizard Potter" comes in 3 different sizes. The smaller 8x8 size is ideal for entertainers who work in libraries, schools and on smaller stages. The largest 10x10 size is tall enough to provde a backdrop to a performance on even the largest stages.

Add Custom Text At No Additional Charge

We can can add text to this background design at no additional charge. The text will be in a "Wizard style" font that blends pefectly with the graphics. There is NO additional cost to add the text. Just email us a note after you place your order with the exact text you want included (limited to 2 lines - 20 characters per line max).

Personalized Example



"Wizard Potter" Backdrop Sizes:

  • 8x8
  • 10x8
  • 10x10


A Complete Portable Backdrop Set:

  • Magic Show Backdrop Curtain With "Wizard Potter" Design
  • Expanding Standard Backdrop Frame (Frame upgrade available)
  • Detachable Blackout Liner
  • Lightweight Carry Bag (Case upgrades available)
  • Set-up Instructions

Change Designs At Any Time Without Buying Another Frame

All our curtain designs, and custom curtains, can be purchased at a "Curtain Only" option. This means you can have multiple curtain designs to use with your portable backdrop system. 

Data sheet
Stock Design
Set-Up Size (WxHxD) - 10x8
(Standard Frame) 9.9ft x 7.6ft x .75ft / 296cm x 223cm x 23cm ; (Heavyweight Frame) 9.9ft x 7.6ft x 1ft / 296cm x 223cm x 30cm
Set-Up Size (WxHxD) - 8x8
(Standard Frame) 7.6ft. x 7.6ft x .75ft / 225cm x 223cm x 23cm ; (Heavyweight Frame) 7.6ft x 7.6ft x 1ft ; 225cm x 223cm x 30cm
Set-Up Size (WxHxD) - 10x10
(Standard Frame) 9.9ft. x 9.9ft x .75ft / 296cm x 296cm x 23cm ; (Heavyweight Frame) 9.9ft x 9.9ft x 1ft ; 296cm x 296cm x 30cm
Weight - 8x8
(Standard Frame) 19lbs / 8.6kg ; (Heavyweight Frame) 24lbs / 10.8kg
Weight - 10x8, 8x10
(Standard Frame) 24lbs / 10.8kg ; (Heavyweight Frame) 30lbs / 14kg
Weight - 10x10
(Standard Frame) 32lbs / 14.6kg ; (Heavyweight Frame) 42lbs / 19.5kg